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Want to have a non-surgical nose job? Know advantages and disadvantages

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Many people feel dissatisfied or unhappy with their nose shape. Some want to have pointed nose while others with flat noses want to have higher nose bridge. The shape of the nose definitely makes a huge difference in enhancing or ruining the facial appearance because nose holds a central position on your face.

If you too feel unhappy with a bump or hump on your nose bridge or want a well-shaped nose that compliments your facial features then rhinoplasty is your option. Now many of your must be afraid of undergoing a surgical rhinoplasty or nose job which involves extensive discomfort, pain and long recovery period. But you no longer need to undergo this painful procedure because you can achieve a desired nose shape and size through non-surgical nose job treatment. Read the rest of this entry »


Why choose hyaluronic lip fillers for lip enhancement?

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Most of you may know dermal fillers as injections which are used to reduce facial lines and wrinkles and to give volume to the face. They improve facial contours and give a well-defined shape to the ageing face. Due to their outstanding facial rejuvenating qualities, dermal fillers have gained immense popularity over the last decade and the most popular of these are the hyaluronic acid based fillers which give stunningly natural results. The hyaluronic acid fillers treatment has been rated among the top three most popular treatments. Read the rest of this entry »

What should you know before getting lip fillers enhancement?

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Many people are born with thin and small lips while other develops them as a result of ageing process. Having plump and fuller lips is everyone’ desire so if you too want to achieve fuller lips than the ones you have by birth then you can have them through lip enhancement fillers.

The lip fillers injections can give you a plump pair of lips that can add to your overall facial beauty. However, before getting the procedure done you should know some essential tips to have the perfect lip enhancement treatment that gives you naturally fuller and big lips without making them look out of place. Read the rest of this entry »

How non-surgical nose job gives the desired nose shape?

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We have entered the new era of the nose job in which it is possible to address the defects of the nose through non-surgical means. This option may seem improbable before the creation of dermal fillers. These fillers offer flexibility, versatility as well as more longevity which makes them more conducive for the facial contouring as compared to the earlier procedures of non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

As a result of this evolution in non-surgical aesthetic treatments, the non-surgical rhinoplasty or nose job has become increasingly popular among people of all age groups. The treatment involves the injection of dermal filler injections in series to improve and enhance the nose shape and size. The main objective of the procedure is not to create a perfect nose but to create a nose shape that fits perfectly with the facial features of the patient.

Through non-surgical nose job London treatment, it is possible to achieve a balance and harmony between the proportions of nose, neck and chin.

For a surgical nose job, the patient is given general anaesthetic which increases the probability of side effects and risks while for a non-surgical nose job a local anaesthetic is enough. The recovery in case of surgical rhinoplasty takes months while that of non-surgical rhinoplasty it is only a few days.

The non-surgical rhinoplasty is ideally for those who look for non-permanent yet non-invasive rhinoplasty option with quick and highly satisfying outcomes. But unfortunately, it is not meant for those who have major deformities in the structure of the nose and those who want a reduction in their nose size. For such patients, the only way is to undergo surgical rhinoplasty.

The fillers can be used for enhancing the tip of the nose, filling nasal hump or bump, flat nose bridge and to correct other minor nasal defects caused due to injury or trauma.

Benefits of non-surgical nose job treatment

The non-surgical rhinoplasty offers multiple benefits to the individual seeking the treatment:

  • It is a minimally invasive treatment that has little to no downtime. So it is possible to return to routine activities immediately after having the treatment.
  • It gives instant and natural results following the treatment.
  • It is ideal for the patients who want to have soft and subtle changes in the shape of their nose.
  • It can also be undertaken to test if the surgical rhinoplasty will give good results or not.
  • The procedure takes just a few minutes so it is also referred to as ‘lunch time nose job treatment’.
  • The treatment is completely reversible. If you do not like the results, the filler can be dissolved and the nose will be restored to its natural shape.
  • It has minimal side effects which are temporary and subsides in few days following the treatment.
  • There is no scarring and no incisions are made.
  • The results last for up to 12 or 18 months depending on the filler type.
  • The cost of the non-surgical rhinoplasty is 1/10th of the surgical nose job.

5 rules to follow for perfect lip filler enhancement

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Fuller and plump lips are in vogue. The ‘Kylie Jenner’s Lip enhancement’ is held responsible for this rapidly increasing trend among the youngsters who now seek the cosmetic doctors or surgeons for having either temporary or permanent lip enhancement treatments.

Everyone wants to have fuller lips nowadays but with natural results. Non-surgical lip enhancement is the most commonly demanded treatment when it comes to having plump and big lips. The non-surgical lip enhancement treatment involves injecting small quantities of lip fillers in the lips to give them volume and definition. It can be a perfect option for those with naturally thin and small lips or due to ageing and who do not want to undergo surgical lip augmentation with permanent results. Read the rest of this entry »

The best nose job procedures for nose enhancement

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Rhinoplasty is a highly demanded and popular aesthetic procedure but not all kinds of rhinoplasty procedures are similar. The treatment procedure differs on the basis of your requirements and desires as a patient. After the initial consultation, the next step for your cosmetic practitioner or surgeon is to decide which procedure will be suitable for your particular case and will give best results.

Types of rhinoplasty procedures

There are four types of rhinoplasty or nose job procedures that are commonly performed depending on the patient needs. These procedures include both surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty treatments. Read the rest of this entry »

How non-surgical lip enhancement can return your youthful lips?

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Lips are the most prominent feature of your face and say a lot about your personality. Naturally, plump, fuller and well-defined lips are considered to be a sign of sensuality, attractiveness and sexuality.

As your age, your lips lose their natural volume becoming thin, smaller and less defined. Lines start to appear on the lips which change their smooth and soft appearance while compromising the cupid’s bow and vermillion border shape. The mouth corners also turn downwards giving a tired, aged and sad appearance to the entire mouth. Read the rest of this entry »