How lip fillers treatment can give you beautiful lips?

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During the past year, lip fillers turned out to be one of the most searched beauty search related term of Google in the UK. This owes to Kylie Jenner who undergone a lip fillers treatment and openly admitted it resulting in going viral.

At the beginning, lip fillers held a bad reputation but that is mostly due to the handful of celebrities who had their lips done beyond their natural appearance and left with hugely unnatural lips. However, when the lip enhancement treatment with fillers is done by an experienced and professional cosmetic practitioner using temporary fillers, the treatment gives stunningly natural and beautifully enhanced results.

Today’s sophisticated and advanced fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a natural substance in our bodies. It possesses a capacity of holding moisture up to 1000 times of its own weight. As we age, the quantity of hyaluronic acid produced by the body lessens which results in making lips thin and small losing their freshness and rosiness.

The hyaluronic acid lip fillers are widely used for non-surgical lip enhancement treatment which is readily accepted by the body. But the sad part is that the hyaluronic fillers are broken down by the body over a certain period of time which means the effects are not permanent. These fillers are not just used for enhancing lips but also to plump out lines and wrinkles, restore facial volume and remove those vertical lines that appear at the sides of the mouth. The possibility of risks with HA fillers is low as there is an antidote which means that if you do not like the results or if something goes wrong, the filler can be dissolved effectively without any side effects. To have more information regarding hyaluronic acid lip fillers kindly visit

The lip enhancement treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers is not much painful. You might have heard many stories of the unbearable pain which people had during the lip fillers session that they had to stop having the treatment. But if you carefully choose the injector who has experience over injection technique for performing lip fillers treatment, you will not experience so much pain. The HA fillers already have lidocaine mixed which relieve the pain as soon as it is injected into the lips. Besides, a numbing cream is topically applied to reduce any discomfort.

The treatment does not hurt and the injection gives a feeling of a sharp pinch or sting as the needle enters into the skin. After the injection, the lips are gently massaged to evenly distribute the filler in the lips and prevent any lumps formation.

As lip fillers are a cosmetic treatment, there is always a risk factor involved. This is why it is of incredible importance that you choose a board certified, qualified, reputed and experienced cosmetic professional to have the treatment. In any case, do not be attracted by the discounted price offered at beauty salon or spas. A beautician does not have the medical training that a cosmetic practitioner has and they surely cannot prescribe any medication or treatment if something goes wrong.


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