Unveiling truths about botox treatment

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botox-treatmentDespite that botox has become immensely popular cosmetic as well as medical treatment, there are many people who still fear having it. People have concerns regarding the botox and most of them are outright lies. So here are some of eh truths unveiled hidden behind these lies to help people feel more relaxed and confident about having botox treatment.

  • Botox will give me a frozen expression: This is perhaps the most common and the biggest fear that people have while getting botox injections. They think that they will look expressionless and frozen. This can only happen if you get too high doses of botox injected by an unprofessional doctor. So with low botox doses and in professional hands, you get safe and natural results.
  • Botox will give a shiny face: some people think that botox treatment would give their skin a shiny look. Botox only smoothes out the surface lines and wrinkles and it has no concern with the skin itself. The skin slow is perhaps your skin has become smoother due to botox.
  • When effects of Botox will wear off, I will look more aged: This is another favourite myth. The effects of botox treatment last for about 3-4 months. Once the effects of Botox are gone your appearance will return back to its natural position and you will age naturally as you have aged in the absence of botox.
  • People will know that I have Botox: They will only know it if you tell them. It’s not something that everyone would immediately know unless you have too much of it. The botox treatment will give you fresher and younger appearance with improved lines and wrinkles.
  • I should only have botox when I develop deep lines and wrinkles: Botox does not work well on deep lines and wrinkles. It can be used as a preventive treatment to prevent further deepening of lines and wrinkles. The time to get botox differs from person to person depending on the inherited characteristics and lifestyle. To know more about this kindly visit http://www.cosmedocs.co.uk/services/botox-anti-wrinkle-treatment/
  • Botox is only for cosmetic corrections: Botox is a miracle drug that has cosmetic as well as more than 1000 medical uses. Presently botox is FDA approved treatment for bruxism/TMJ disorders, hyperhidrosis/excessive sweating, Migraines, muscle spasms, Joint pains and many more medical conditions related to muscles and their function.
  • Botox is meant only for women: You are absolutely wrong about this. Every year the number of men getting botox treatment is growing. Men are having botox treatment that is known by the name of brotox in order to excel in their professional careers. Men have particularly high pressures to maintain their job therefore they need to look attractive and young such as for sales and marketing jobs. Botox for hyperhidrosis treatment is also highly popular among men because it helps them to get relief from the problem of excessive sweating which is often embarrassing and cause problems in their career path.

These are the common misconceptions that have been clarified about botox treatment so that people feel more relaxed about having it.


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