5 rules to follow for perfect lip filler enhancement

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Fuller and plump lips are in vogue. The ‘Kylie Jenner’s Lip enhancement’ is held responsible for this rapidly increasing trend among the youngsters who now seek the cosmetic doctors or surgeons for having either temporary or permanent lip enhancement treatments.

Everyone wants to have fuller lips nowadays but with natural results. Non-surgical lip enhancement is the most commonly demanded treatment when it comes to having plump and big lips. The non-surgical lip enhancement treatment involves injecting small quantities of lip fillers in the lips to give them volume and definition. It can be a perfect option for those with naturally thin and small lips or due to ageing and who do not want to undergo surgical lip augmentation with permanent results.

The lip fillers treatment gives temporary but subtle and natural results when injected in balance with the entire face. The lips look attractive only when they are enhanced in proportion with the other facial features.

So, if you are a practitioner doing lip enhancement with fillers there are certain rules which should be followed to achieve natural and captivating results.

  1. Do it slowly: The key behind achieving bigger and beautiful lips is to do it slowly. The best way to have lip filler injections is to start with little quantities and then gradually increasing it in multiple sessions spaced a week or month apart to achieve the desired volume in proportion with other facial features. This will gradually give volume to the lip area rather than instantly protruding them as ‘duck lips’.
  1. Keep it natural and real: The goal of lip enhancement should be to give volume to the lips in accordance with the natural lip anatomy. It’s important that you achieve a natural lip enhancement of your own lips rather than making them look like someone else’s lips fitted in your mouth.
  1. Have injections in the surrounding mouth skin: in order to give a more natural appearance to the entire area of the mouth, also have some filler in the surrounding lips area. This prevents the ‘cartoonish appearance’ which may otherwise occur, if fillers are injected in the lips alone. Having slight volume to the surrounding area enhance the natural look of your lips.
  1. Choose the poison wisely: There are different types of fillers available for lip enhancement. It is your responsibility as a cosmetic practitioner to decide which one will prove best for your patient. If relatively longer lasting results are required then Volume is best. If the results are needed for few months then Juvederm is recommended. And for the virgin lips, Restylane silk is the best filler to start with as it is more forgiving.
  1. Technique counts: The filler brand does not hold much importance as the technique of injecting filler. The recommended technique is to inject micro-droplets distributing little amounts of the product all across the lips. This helps in preventing formation of lumps and bumps while recreating smooth, plump and uniform looking lips with enhanced natural definition.

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