Looking for Kylie Jenner lips? Try lip fillers!

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Kylie Jenner lips have gained immense lime light during the past year which dramatically changed her facial profile. She revealed publically that the secret behind her plumped lips are the lip fillers. Since then, lip filler enhancement has become one of the most demanded aesthetic procedures. Women with thin or ageing lips are opting for this temporary option to gain fuller, plump and youthful lips in just a matter of few minutes.

Temporary lip fillers offer a temporary alternative to the permanent lip enhancement in which implants are placed surgically into the lips to make them plump. These filler injections are temporary and their effects lasts from 6-8 months depending on the type of filler substance used for the purpose. Due to the increasing popularity of non-surgical lip enhancement treatment with fillers, wide variety of fillers are used for lip injections out of which the most commonly used fillers are hyaluronic acid fillers and collagen. Hyaluronic acid fillers are preferred over collagen because of their fewer side effects and low possibility of allergic reactions.

Another option for lip augmentation is fat transfer. It involves the removal of small amount of fat from any other part of your body and then grafting it into the lip but it involves surgical incision which is certainly not an acceptable option for many.

Though lip injections do not involve any surgical incisions but they are still a cosmetic procedure that involves certain side effects. These side effects include possibility of bleeding, swelling, bruising and redness but they subside in few days. Even before lip injections, anaesthetic topical cream is applied to the lips to reduce discomfort and pain as having injections in your lips not a simple game.

The cost of the lip fillers is also not cheap as the cosmetic procedures are not usually covered by your insurance. It means you need to pay $500 to as much as $ 2000 for these injections depending on the types of filler used, the doctor you are visiting and the place where you live. In addition to this, you need refill once the substance of filler gets dissolved into your body after a specific time period.

The hyaluronic fillers are usually used by majority of the aesthetic clinics offering lip filler enhancement. There are different types of hyaluronic acid based fillers which vary in their effect and their results. So while choosing to undergo the lip fillers treatment, always choose renowned and highly experienced cosmetic practitioner or surgeon. Do a proper research before finally going for the injections as they can totally alter your facial appearance for good or for bad depending on the choice of your doctor.

Gaining Kylie Jenner lips isn’t a simple game. Choosing the right cosmetic doctor or surgeon is your right bet who can give you the looks which you want and still go with your facial appearance. At CosmeDocs clinic, highly trained and experienced cosmetic doctors perform the lip enhancement treatment which minimizes risk and give optimal results. For more information visit http://www.cosmedocs.co.uk/services/non-surgical-lip-enhancement


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