How botox should be administered?

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Botox is a well-known neurotoxin that actually prevents the contraction of muscles. There are many different types of Botox but the only types used for clinical uses are toxin Type A and B. Actually Botox is a brand name which has become popular as synonym of Botulinum toxin type A that is manufactured by company Allergan and is most commonly used for treatment in patients. Other types are manufactured by different companies and are rarely used in UK except in Europe.

In essence, the use of Botox is for treating the problems in which inappropriate contractions of muscles cause problems. In the world of aesthetics, Botox is used for reducing facial wrinkles and lines that are caused due to the contraction of muscles underneath the skin. It paralyzes those target muscles that stops the formation of wrinkles on surface. Botox is also used for treatment of different medical conditions including eye ticks, muscle spasms, migraines and headaches, excessive sweating.

For whatever reason the Botox is used for, the effects of botox treatment usually fades away in 3-6 months after which repeat botox injections are required to maintain its effects. Usually, the effects of botox take up to 3 days to appear after the treatment.

Factors to consider while giving Botox treatment

There are various factors which practitioner should take into consideration before giving botox treatment.

  • Regardless of what the problem is, the quantity of botox required for the treatment is unique for every individual patient. There is no standard botox amount to provide relief from the symptoms though the practitioner may make use of the similar amount for every new patient, arbitrarily. This also has no correlation with the patient’s age, gender and problem severity.
  • It is always better to start off with the low dose of Botox in order to minimize the possible side effects.
  • After the patient receive the first Botox treatment there can be 4 probable outcomes:
  • Patient may not experience any improvement because the amount of botox injected was less than the required amount. So the injections can be repeated after 3-6 weeks.
  • Patient may have some improvement but the effect quickly wear off in less than 3 months. The injections can be repeated with the higher dose after the effects wears off.
  • Patient may get the perfect outcome of the treatment with the good effects remaining for 3-5 months. In this case, same dose of injections is repeated after the effects wear off.
  • Patient may experience severe side effects of botox for certain period of time. In this case injections are to be repeated with lower botox dose after effects wear off.
  • Generally, the smaller muscles are expected to give response to botox treatment within 5 days while for larger muscles the response period may extend to 1 month.
  • The effects of Botox spread in only 1 cm circumfrenece around the injection site. It means that if the wrinkles are located in a single area of 1 cm size (such as crow’s feet) then just single injection of botox will be required. However, if large area needs to be covered like forehead wrinkles then multiple botox injections with 1 cm apart will be injected for satisfactory coverage.
  • Larger muscles require larger dose in single botox injection (2.5-5.0 units/ injection) while smaller muscles require smaller dose in single botox injection (1.25- 2.5 units/injection).The price of botox injections rises with the larger dose.

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