How Chemical Skin Peels work

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When you take some facial treatment your face look quite radiant and vibrant but that lasts for few hours or days. A chemical skin peel treatment can help you retain that glow and radiance for longer. The word ‘chemical peel’ may seem to be frightening but that is not the substance which burns and aggressively peels your skin. Chemical peels actually refer to a broad category of chemical treatments that are used for exfoliation and rejuvenation of skin. In fact many of the peel do not even peel off the skin. Lighter chemical skin peels help in making skin smoother, brighter, reduce the size of enlarged pores and potent skin rejuvenating ingredients penetrates deeper into the skin for more effectiveness.

Stronger chemical skin peels such as TCA peels and Jessner’s peel, acts by activating the wound healing response of the skin. They work by dissolving upper skin layer. As the upper skin tissue is removed, it creates wound on the skin leading to the stimulation of the healing response of the body which cause the formation of new skin tissues. The strength and depth of chemical skin peels can vary according to the skin issues, type of skin, strength of chemicals used and the duration for which the peel is applied on the skin.

Chemical skin peel treatment to banish acne

Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Salicylic and Beta Hydroxy Acid peels are gentle chemical skin peel treatment which mildly dissolves the upper layer of skin which unclog the pores and remove black heads almost instantly, giving a glowing and radiant skin for more than a month.

Have smoother and clearer skin with Jessner’s peel

If you have pigmentation, uneven skin tone and acne scarring then try having Jessner’s chemical skin peel treatment. It is a combination of lactic, salicylic and resorcinol acids. As it is stronger peel, you will experience flaking and occasional crusting of skin which is normal for almost 2 to 4 days following the chemical skin peel treatment. It may also cause redness, and mild swelling. But the rewards are clearer, smoother skin with more even skin tone and radiance in 8 to 10 days.

Aloha, Wrinkles! with TCA peels

If you are looking for the results that are almost similar to the laser skin treatment then have TCA peel treatment. These peels have higher levels of acid up to 70 percent. These chemical peels actually burns the top skin layer as laser does. These are intense peels with 1 to 2 weeks downtime until the skin crusting heels up. You need to avoid sun exposure following the treatment as the skin become highly sensitive. The results of this chemical peel treatment are smooth, young, vibrant and rejuvenated skin with reduced lines.

Some words of caution!

  • The reaction of chemical peels vary from individual to individual causing scabbing, peeling and crusting, so have a thorough discussion with your practitioner or aesthetician before trying out any of the chemical skin peel treatments.
  • In winter’s, skin remain dry so peels have a very strong effect during winter season and if you do not remain careful it can cause skin damage.
  • If you have skin rash, having chemical peel treatment can further aggravate the issue.
  • Avoid maximum exposure to sunlight, harsh winds following the peel treatment and wear strong sunscreen as the skin become very sensitive after the treatment.

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