Botox Jaw Reduction Treatment for Square Jawline

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Jaw Line Treatment

Soft and oval shaped jawline is considered to be strongly associated with feminine appearance while heavy and square jaw line is distinctly associated with masculine features. Asian people mostly have square shaped jawline in both females and males which is genetically inherited. They seek square jaw reduction treatments in order to change their facial shape from a square to a more subtle, graceful and attractive oval shape which enhance their facial features. Aside from genetics, there can be other reasons for wide jaw such as excessive chewing of gum, frequent chewing of hard food items like hard meat or ice, teeth grinding (bruxism) that can lead to square jaw. Stress can also contribute towards teeth grinding at night ultimately leading to wider jaw.

In past, the only option available for reduction of square jaw was surgery in which the jaw bone is slightly shaved to give an oval shaped look to the jaw. It involves inconsistent, unpredictable and unnatural results with long duration required for recovery. But now Botox jaw reduction treatment has transformed the facial reshaping techniques. With Botox treatment for wide jaw reduction, the shape of the face can be altered without the use of knife and scalpel with highly effective results and minimal downtime.

What is botox jaw reduction treatment?

Botox jaw reduction is a specialized procedure which is used for reducing the width of wider jawline to a softer and oval shape which gives a heart shaped and graceful look to the facial appearance. In majority of the patients, the wider jaw is due to the enlarged masseter jaw muscle which is a chewing muscle. When Botox is injected into the jaw muscle on both sides of the jawline, it weakens the jaw muscle thus restricting its activity. This relaxes the masseter muscle and its size reduces over time.

Compared to the surgery, botox jaw reduction treatment has minimal side effects. The patients can even take the treatment during the lunch time as it only takes 15-20 minutes to complete. There can be slight swelling and bruising which is temporary and fades away in few days. The pain and discomfort is very mild and go away in few hours. The routine work can be resumed immediately after the treatment. The patients will notice softness in the jaw muscle usually 2 weeks following the treatment which is followed by a softening of jawline in the next 4 weeks. The full effects of the Botox jaw reduction treatment become apparent in almost 4-6 weeks when the masseter muscle relaxes completely. There are some researches which have observed a ‘permanent reduction’ in the jawline after about 2-3 jaw reduction treatments with Botox. However, it is practical for the patients to anticipate long term effects but not permanent changes in the size of the jaw. The patients need to take top-up treatments after about 6-12 months to maintain the results.

The number of Botox jaw reduction treatments required for each patient depends largely on the size of the masseter muscle. Males need more Botox injections than females as they have stronger masseter muscle as compared to females.


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